Wednesday, March 19, 2014

A Rustic Pink Baby Shower!

After three different invitation designs, I finally came up with this idea of a rustic pink and white baby shower. My sister was quite clear that she did not want a "theme" however I needed to have something to decorate around!

It started with a Telegram Invite which I designed and had printed at PrintMoz. These were 5x7 postcards that were actually printed on a type of plastic so that they would not bend during shipping. We also coated them to have a soft touch feel (similar to a iPhone case cover).

I bought mason jars and Annie Sloan chalk paint and painted and sanded all of the jars. I also painted my owl, a metal table and two of my planters with the chalk paint! Once I get started I cannot stop!

Then I hung pink and white paper lanterns all throughout the yard and placed rustic flowers in each of the mason jars.

I also ordered some fun cocktail, luncheon, and bathroom guest napkins.

To stick with this vintage/ rustic look, I found some ideas on Pintrest for the perfect Cameo Cake!!! Look how stinkin' cute this cake turned out!!

Everything turned out great. We ended up having close to 70 guests in the backyard!!!

All I need is a can of spray paint!

In order to get ready for the baby shower I was hosting for my sister, I wanted the backyard to be picture perfect. It is all about the details I WILL see.... all the weed pulling etc.

The outdoor gate and all of the light fixtures were looking pretty beat.
Just give me a can of black spray paint, some duct tape, and some brown paper bags and I can make it all look new!

Just some frames...that is all.

I still need drapes in my master bedroom. I am undecided about what to do.
Anyway, to make it feel less naked, I hung some frames.

My friend had given me this great old Frank Lloyd Wright book for a birthday a few years ago, so I cut some of the photo pages from the book. We love the Arizona Biltmore (where we got married) and these frames reminded me of that hotel and the photos work perfectly in them!

In order to hang these right, it is absolutely crucial you have a measuring tape and a laser level. It is all about that laser level!!!!

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Fountain Landscaping Done!

After ten trips to Lowe's, running over my ankle with the pallet cart, a few bags of mulch, and ten thousand tons of rock later, the fountain landscaping is done!

I think this turned out pretty nice. It totally transformed this space. The fountain is so relaxing and these succulents are easy to maintain.... meaning I won't kill them.

Window Paint

Slowly, I will have repainted the entire front of my house...haha.
This metal window treatment outside over the front windows was badly faded. I couldn't tell what color it was supposed to be because there were two colors coming through; a dark greenish color and a blue.

I decided to just repaint it cream to match the window trim below.
Eventually, I want all the railing and trim detail to be cream and white and I want to get rid of the blue entirely. Looking to paint the front door a shade of black as well as these window shutters you see in the photos that are faded blue.

That's for a professional to do though...maybe!

This also happened to be the day that Boss was bit by my neighbor's dog. It was a terrible day. He is doing fine now, but it was a close call. The front of the house looks a little better...newer anyway.