Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Window Paint

Slowly, I will have repainted the entire front of my house...haha.
This metal window treatment outside over the front windows was badly faded. I couldn't tell what color it was supposed to be because there were two colors coming through; a dark greenish color and a blue.

I decided to just repaint it cream to match the window trim below.
Eventually, I want all the railing and trim detail to be cream and white and I want to get rid of the blue entirely. Looking to paint the front door a shade of black as well as these window shutters you see in the photos that are faded blue.

That's for a professional to do though...maybe!

This also happened to be the day that Boss was bit by my neighbor's dog. It was a terrible day. He is doing fine now, but it was a close call. The front of the house looks a little better...newer anyway.

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