Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Bathroom Fixes

These have been on the "To Do" list for sometime, but with my sisters baby shower, this last weekend, I put these into high gear.

The downstairs bathroom needed a new faucet. When I went to take the faucet out, it couldn't and wouldn't budge. The faucet had become fused to the fabricated sink/countertop piece. So, what do we do? We have to get new countertops and a new sink. It was worth it. The bathroom feels cleaner.

My mom Instagrams me under the sink.


After we fixed that issue, we finally fixed the lighting in the upstairs guest bathroom.
We had originally pulled the one piece mirror down and replaced it with two fancier mirrors. That meant that we needed to replace the one light fixture with TWO. This bathroom has had this crappy light up with the two light bulbs for a year now. It was time.

I have already purchased two new under mount sinks for this bathroom, but need to find a replacement cabinet for this bathroom before we spend the money on the countertops. This cabinet is not in the best of shape.
Still looking.... maybe later this year. Or sooner. I hate this tile and the over mount sinks. Yuck.

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